10 Locusts Reptile Live Food Large 20-35mm

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All live food is packaged as securely as possible, and sent via Royal Mail 1st class for the fastest delivery. Unfortunately we are unable to offer compensation in the event of a small amount of the live food arriving dead. Quantities stated are approximations.

Super Tasty and Crunchy Locusts are a staple diet for many larger pet reptiles.

Feeding Live Foods such as live locusts promotes natural hunting, stalking and waiting behaviour from your pet which keeps him active and occupied and makes him much more interesting for you to watch. The locusts will hide behind your plants and decor for an extra challenge in your pets day.

Locusts have a good nutritional value, but are much better if fed with a gut loading diet to boost the vitamins and minerals which will be passed on to your pet.

Locusts come in various sizes and quantities.

Our Livefoods are fresh and sent direct from our breeder. They are packed in a ventilated tub, with cardboard insert and feeding bran. And will be posted to you in cardboard box marked “Urgent harmless biological material” to comply with Royal mail guidelines. These pre-packed tubs will remain fresh for approximately a week, they will fare better if kept dry and out of direct sunlight. Locusts can be bought in bulk to save money and ensure a longer supply of food, simply place in a cricket keeper with some bug gel and bug grub in a warm location and you are on your way!

Please Note:

  • Your Livefoods may be totally dormant on arrival and may appear to be dead.
  • Move them immediately to the warmest spot in your home – maybe next to a radiator (but not so warm that plastic containers may melt)
  • Leave them in this area for at least 45 minutes
  • Don’t handle your livefoods unnecessarily until they are fully recovered
  • Once your livefoods are moving normally, handle and store them in the normal manner (see our website for detailed advice

Specification: 10 Locusts Reptile Live Food Large 20-35mm


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